Write to your MP better britain UK candidates

Contact your MP in four simple steps for Free

Making it easy to write to the politicians who represent you – even if you don’t know who they are. Simple click here to WriteToThem


MPs can help you with matters such as:

  • Tax problems involving HM Revenue & Customs (but not issues with, for example, the council tax, which is administered by your local authority).
  • Problems with hospitals and the NHS, if you are in England. The Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly are responsible for health matters in Scotland and Wales respectively.
  • Problems with benefits, pensions and national insurance (but not problems with the social services department of your local authority).
  • Issues dealt with by the Home Office, such as immigration.
  • In England, matters such as school closures and grants (but not day to day problems involving schools, which are overseen by their governors and your local education authority). In Scotland and Wales the devolved Parliament and Assembly respectively are responsible for education issues.




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