theresa may general election 2017

“No General Election Until 2020…” Uhm… About that…

So, Theresa May has fired the starting pistol for a general election in just 6 weeks time (flashback to all the times she said she would never do this) and now it’s your moment to vote for your local representative that you think will deliver a #BetterBritain.


Theresa May’s General Election Statement In Full

Before you swipe away to another distraction (yes, we’re all doing it) or continue shouting at your TV (times are strange), we’re asking everyone to take a moment and really evaluate how their last vote panned out.

Many of us barely know our MP – who may or may not have won, when we scratched a cross into some yellow tracing paper, in a stale primary school hall – let alone how they actually performed over the last year and how they represented us.

In order to help kick things off, we’d like to share with you an amazingly simple site which helps you find your local MP (click the link and simply enter your postcode) and you can find out some quick facts about just what the hell they have been up to.

Don’t worry they are a registered charity that wants to make UK Parliament more open and accountable. Happy tapping.

TheyWorkForYou BetterBritain
TheyWorkForYou BetterBritain



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